Liam, Rosanna and, their Dad, Conor Irwin  have been over to Belarus as part of Project Belarus. This is the fundraising campaign to provide Santa Claus for 800+ orphans and child prisoners in Belarus. Departure date is the 2nd of January 2014, by which date they had hoped to have raised at least €10,000.

The have headed over to do Santa for over 800 orphans and child prisoners, and will also help fund the refurbishment of the orphanages. They are going with an organisation called the IODP (International Orphan Development Programme) run by Tom McEnaney who has been going out for the last 20 years!

Liam and Rosanna are the Grandchildren of parishioners Giovanni and Louisa Irranca and are regular visitors to the church when over visiting from Ireland

We will keep you posted on how their project progressed.