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  Please Say Your Prayers For Peace In Ukraine ..... See Note Below About Collection At St Josephs Primary School
Fr Henry Nevin, SDS  (Parish Priest)
Sacred Heart RC Church
Pantyffynon Road , Ystradgynlais , Swansea, SA9 1EU
Sacred Heart :  01639 842202
Email : ystradgynlais@menevia.org
Diocese of Menevia Reg. Charity No. 234168
In Residence : Canon Pelosi Retired

Weekly Mass Times :
Friday Night 6:00pm / Saturday : 4:00pm / Sunday : 11:30pm
Directions To Our Church

Dear Parishioners,

We would like to support St Joseph’s Catholic School and Sixth Form Centre Port Talbot with their appeal for the Ukrainian people.

You are asked to bring in any items listed below and they will be taken over to St Joseph’s School and taken to the Ukrainian border for distribution to those in most need.

- Medical supplies : (Bandages, first aid kits, antiseptic cream, plasters etc) –
- Toiletries : (soap,toothpaste,toothbrushes,shampoo,wet wipes,sanitary products etc)

If families wish to donate money instead of goods they are welcome to do so and it will be used to purchase items listed above. Many thanks for your generosity.

All donations will be gratefully received and much appreciated.

The Fireside ... Our Parish Newsletter
Produced on a weekly basis The Fireside contains announcements, important dates & times, reflections and further information. Available here for viewing online and printing with Archive available from menu options above
Latest Fireside: 1st May 2022 Click On The PDF Logo For The Latest Fireside <FireSide Archives Here>
Latest News  From Our Parish
Here is important news, website updates and please do contact us with any news and stories you may have
Church Barbecue This will take place on Sunday 15th May 2022  after the May Procession and Mass
Cost will be Adults 5 Children 2
Please put your name on the list in the church porch
Delicious barbequed food provided but bring your own drinks!!
A dish of food to share will be much appreciated.
All Proceeds to Church Funds
Plant Appeal In order to keep our church grounds looking beautiful throughout the Summer months, and beyond, we are appealing for donations of Summer bedding, shrubs and plants. If you are able to make a donation, leave them in the church porch or car park anytime.

Month of May
Dedicated To Mary

The tradition of dedicating the month of May to Our Lady is centuries old, dating back at least 700 years. Blessed Pope Paul VI wrote an encyclical on the month of May, focusing on the Virgin Mary. He wrote that the piety of the faithful has long dedicated the month of May to the Mother of God. He stated in his encyclical. We are delighted and consoled by this pious custom associated with the month of May, which pays honour to the Blessed Virgin and brings such rich benefits to the Christian people. Since Mary is rightly to be regarded as the way by which we are led to Christ, the person who encounters Mary cannot help but encounter Christ likewise. The reason for dedicating May to Our Lady is associated with the particular season of the year. May is certainly known for its springtime beauty (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). It is associated with flowers and blossoms, with trees which spring back to life, and grass which sprouts. It brings to mind the idea of promise and hope, of new life.
Church Photographs Our Church at Christmas : Two photographs of our church this Christmas

A Blessing For 2022
A Prayer For A Victorious New Year From Father Henry   
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Reflection for the New Year
Reflection for the New Year :
When the clock strikes at midnight, the world status is not going to change. A lot of the devastation caused and experienced will move well into 2022. But by changing your outlook on it all, your thoughts, and feelings, you can change your own world. A New Year; A New You. It’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to cry about nothing and everything at the same time. It’s okay to find this all hard, even if you know that you are still very fortunate and blessed. Our situations are relative, and we can only truly feel and respond to our own experience. It’s okay to feel exhausted, anxious, scared. But it is not okay to not deal with these moments, so that they do not become the norm in your life. It is okay to have GOOD DAYS TOO, regardless of what is going on around you. Don’t let the heaviness of 2021 weigh your 2022 down. Don’t want to do it alone? Ask for help! The reality is that how you see 2022, and now, how you remember 2021 is completely up to you. Which glasses are you going to wear? Remember, that is the same pair that you will be walking into 2022 with… Make the change. Buy the new glasses. They will suit you!
January 6th is the Feast of the Epiphany
January 6th is the Feast of the Epiphany :
The Feast of the Epiphany reminds us that in their Gospels Matthew and Mark gather together stories about the childhood of Jesus, each pointing to different aspects of his significance. They both bring out the unique importance of Jesus in God’s plan. He is the Son of God come among us for the salvation of the world. The feast of Christmas in the Western church picks out Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth in the stable when shepherds come to honour him. The liturgy of the feast focus on the mystery of God’s joining us in the vulnerable humanity of Jesus.

In the Eastern Church the major feast is that of the Epiphany, which focuses on Matthew’s story of the coming of the Wise men to honour Jesus with gifts.

The heart of the feast lies in the revelation of Christ to the non-Jewish world represented by the Magi. It recognises the stages of God’s showing himself to the world, first to the Jewish people and then, through the Jewish Jesus, to all people. It is a feast of light: Jesus is the light of the world and brings light to all who believe in him. The Feast of the Epiphany is important because it reminds us of the different ways in which God has shown himself in the world and shows that these point to God’s greatest gift to us in Jesus. He is our way to God. But the feast also shows us that we do not own God. God speaks to us as he wishes.

In the Gospel story God speaks through people whose wisdom came from religious traditions other than those of the Jews, God’s chosen people. Today God continues to speak through the wisdom and religions of our world, and through them draws us closer to Christ in whom is all wisdom. God’s light falls on many places, draws people by many stars. We should bow with respect wherever we find light.

Like Christmas the Feast of the Epiphany also points to the way of suffering that the Son of God will take for our salvation. Luke’s Gospel alludes to it in the poverty of Jesus’ birth and in the forecast of a sword that will pierce Mary’s heart. In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus is immediately at risk from Herod’s murderous designs and must go with his parents as a refugee to Egypt. Perhaps, too, the gift of myrrh, an opiate as well as a perfume, hints at his crucifixion. Christmas and the Epiphany dwell on two different aspects of the coming of Christ into the world. That they form part of the one story is shown visually in the presence of both the shepherds and the Magi in the cribs of our churches.

Mass is at 6:00pm on Thursday 6th of January
12th December 2021
Reflection - Joy

There is a clear note of joy in today’s liturgy.
Joy is a blend of laughter and tears.
It consists in having a love affair with life.
It is having a heart aglow with warmth
for all one’s companions on the road of life.
It is looking for the happiness that comes in small
packages, knowing that big packages are
few and far between.
It is making the most of the present,
enjoying what is at hand right now.
Joy is love bubbling over into life.
And it can coexist with pain.
Joy is the flag we fly when Christ,
the Prince of Peace,
has taken up residence in our hearts.
5th December 2021 Welcome Canon Pelosi : A very warm welcome to Canon Pelosi who has joined us here in the parish. Canon will be living in retirement in the presbytery. After 47 years loyal service as a Priest, he richly deserves his retirement. The Salvatorians are pleased to be able to offer him this accommodation. There will be no expense incurred by the parish!
We hope you settle in quickly and that you enjoy your retirement with us.
6th November 2021


Friday 24th December - CHRISTMAS EVE
5:30pm "Midnight Mass" - St Benedict's Clydach
7:00pm "Midnight Mass" - Sacred Heart Ystradgynlais
9:00pm "Midnight Mass" - St Benedict's Clydach

Saturday 25th December - CHRISTMAS DAY
8:00am "Mass During The Day" - St Benedict's Clydach
9:15am "Mass During The Day" - Sacred Heart Ystradgynlais

Sunday 26th December
10:00am "The Holy Family" - St Benedict's Clydach
11:30am "The Holy Family" - Sacred Heart Ystradgynlais

6th November 2021

CHRISTMAS APPEAL : The Social Services Department of Neath and Port Talbot are appealing for Christmas donations to help young people who have recently left Care and who will be spending their first Christmas living independently. Other young people especially those socially isolated and estranged from their families will not have the financial means to celebrate Christmas in the traditional ways that most families are privileged with.
Due to current covid 19 difficulties they are asking for donations in the form of Gift Vouchers.
These can be placed in the Weekly Offering Boxes in the Church
11th November 2021


REMEMBRANCE DAY : A Remembrance Day Ceremony will take place at the cross in Ystradgynlais at 11.00am on Thursday 11th November. Fr. Henry will join Rev. Dewi Roberts from St. Cynog’s Church to mark this occasion.Everyone welcome.

6th November 2021


CHURCH CLEANERS WANTED : We need more people to help clean our beautiful Church. All cleaning materials are provided. Cleaning the church demonstrates our respect for God’s house and is a ministry of service to all the community and visitors coming into the church at any time. Please consider if you can offer an hour or so every few weeks to support this important ministry. We would like to begin a rota for cleaning.

If you would like to help this very important ministry in our parish please contact Lucy or Fr. Henry.
A VERY big “Thank You” to those who have given their love and time to this ministry over many years.
You really ARE appreciated.
6th November 2021

NOVEMBER - MONTH OF THE HOLY SOULS: November is a month traditionally dedicated to prayer and fasting for
deceased friends and relatives, and for all the faithful departed. Please don’t forget your list of departed loved ones.
Return them as soon as possible please. Envelopes can be placed in the weekly donation boxes at the rear of the church.
19th September 2021

Home Start Cymru

Home Start Cymru have many active volunteers supporting families throughout Powys and following a service increase demand, are actively recruiting new volunteers from this area.

They work alongside families to give compassionate and confidential support, tailored to each family. Home-Start Cymru offers friendship, emotional support and practical advice in the homes of families who are having difficulties managing parenting for a variety of different reasons. These could be poor mental health, managing children’s challenging behaviour, disability, domestic abuse, isolation or low self-esteem.

Our mission is to give children the best possible start in life, by supporting parents so they grow in confidence, strengthening and enjoying their relationships with their children and widening their links with the local community.
Volunteers are fully trained and given expert support from coordinators.

For further information please telephone Vicky Critchley on 07871601772.
5th September 2021

Summer BBQ
We want to say a big, big, big thank you to our very own Gordon Blue Chef, Gary, for all his wonderfully cooked food at our recent BBQ

An absolutely wonderful afternoon was had by everyone!

It was good to finally be able to come together socially as a parish again.

Thank You to all who made the day possible.
6th August 2021

Parish Accounts
Summary of Ystradgynlais Accounts for Parishioners 2021 / 2022
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6th August 2021 Blessed Francis Jordan

Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan – founder of the Salvatorian Family –
was born as John Baptist Jordan on June 16, 1848, in Gurtweil, Germany, a small townin the Black Forest area of the southwestern part of the country, just a few miles fromthe border of Switzerland.
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31st May 2021

Covid-19 Update from the Bishops’ Conference

1. We are now able to move away from government detailed regulations and follow prudent local judgements. 
2. Hand sanitisers must still be used when entering the church and everyone attending Mass must wear a face mask whilst in the church, unless exempt.
3. Social distancing continues but with face masks and good ventilation this can be reduced to 1 meter.
4. Holy water stoups remain out of use and congregational singing is still prohibited.
5. The Sign of Peace remains suspended and Holy Communion remains under one kind only.
6. Prayer of the Faithful will be re-introduced at Weekend Masses.
7. Attendance at Baptisms & Weddings is now increased to 30.
8. Attendance at funerals can now be increased to 90.
9. Contact details will continue to be taken at weekend Masses only.
10. Confessions can be held before or after Mass during the week – please speak with Fr. Henry to arrange.
11. Do not come to church if you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of Covid-19 - Stay at Home
12. Please take your Mass Sheet & Bulletin home

31st May 2021 Plant Appeal

In order to keep our church grounds looking beautiful throughout the Summer months, and beyond, we are appealing for donations of Summer bedding, shrubs and plants.

If you are able to make a donation, leave them in the car park beside Eamonn’s shed!.
31st May 2021 Marian Shrine [Ystradgynlais]

Our beautiful and fitting Shrine to our Blessed Lady is now in place. A service of Dedication and Blessing will take place when Covid Regulations permit.

27th March 2021
May you and families have a joyful and Happy Easter

20th Feb 2021

Father Henry is now able to confirm Holy Week Mass Times <Read More ......>

14th Feb 2021

Lent is a time for reflection, repentance and restoration.<Read More ......>

10th Feb 2021

Reflection For Lent
For Archbishop Stack
Ash Wednesday
Whose Children
Are They Anyway?
10th Feb 2021

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Sunday May 15th
Church Procession & BBQ

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